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- I have many good memories from Jondal and Fonna. You have fjords, mountains and glaciers. It is simply exotic to ski there

Aksel Lund Svindal

Alpine teams are one of Fonna's most important customers. Therefore, we have extra focus on the respective teams' needs with adapted ropes, salting and general adaptation. We can offer Europe's best training conditions in the summer season with good conditions for SL, GS and SG routes. Fonna was FIS homologated for SL; GS and SG in 2017. See report from the Alpine National Team's WC / EC gathering at Fonna in 2016 here.

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Fonna Glacier Ski Resort has in recent years expanded the number of slopes on the glacier. This means that we now have something that suits all skill levels - whether it is park, alpine or cross-country skiing.


Listed prices apply to teams / clubs that want a route to training. Fonna makes it cheaper to buy lift tickets over several days. The lift pass will be flexible and give runners four days of flexibility (valid from 4-day passes and upwards). The purpose is to provide flexibility for days with bad weather or a day off.


The season pass is valid from the start of the season until August 25th.

10 runners give 1 coach free and max 2 coaches at 175,-
15 runners give 2 coaches free and max 2 coaches at 175,-
30 runners give 2 coaches free and max 4 coaches at 175,-

With fewer than 10 runners, a route fee of NOK 750,- per day will be added. For fewer than 5 runners, a route fee of NOK 1250,- per day will be added.

Card type and price

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The use of salt is optional and you decide how much to use. We want to facilitate the optimization and reduction of salt consumption. This is to save both alpine teams and the ski center expenses - we do not have a surcharge on the cost of salt. One measure could be to base salt every other day when conditions permit. Furthermore, we will mark the route better at the start, so that it is easier to distinguish between those who order basic salt and those who do not. Remember to describe any wishes related to salting when booking the route!

- Small bag 25 kg - kr. 145,-
- Big bag 1000 kg - kr. 4200,- including transportation to the top of the trail.
- Basic salting of SL/GS routes: NOK 1450,- per salting (approx. 250 kg per route).


Rental of a treadle machine for building jumps/terrain: NOK 2150,- per hour.

We rent out slalom gates on request (SL break-away and SL LISKI brush gates). 1 route gates NOK 600,- per day Slalom / NOK 800 per day GS.

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Super G

When ordering the Super-G trail, there is a start-up surcharge of kr. 7000,- for construction, preparation and pre-salting. For preparation and basic salting after start-up, NOK. 4500,- per time this is booked. Alternatively, you can re-set the gates and hand or machine salt from the side afterwards to save preparation costs.

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